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Acupuncture for Skin Disorders

     We do help treat skin disorders caused by allergy, imbalance of hormone, and immune-related problems. Many people suffer from dermatologic problems on their face or body, and those symptoms not only bring them to suffer from pain, itch, and discharge but also to lose of self-esteem by their physical appearance.

     We have great success for treating hormone related skin disorders and allergic dermatitis. Although autoimmune-related skin problems are more challenging, we help reduce the symptoms and, in some cases, we almost cure the problems. If your prescriptions, OTC medications, or immune therapy not effectively work, 8 constitution acupuncture can be the great option to try. We evaluate your unique system in your first visit, and apply the best acupuncture prescription for your internal system, and also provide the list of diet which is designed for your body constitution.  



Allergic dermatitis

Hormonal-related dermatitis

Immune-related dermatitis

- Acne

- Allergic eczema

- Contact dermatitis

- Psoriasis

- Shingles

- Hives

- Atopic dermatitis

- Impetigo

- Excessive sweating

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