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8 Constitution Medicine for Endocrine/Metabolic disorders

     We are well aware that there is some sort of fundamental physiological divide between each and every one of us. Take food as an example. One person feels much better when they avoid eating meat; another feels so weak that they can't function well if he tries to be a vegetarian. One person changes her diet pan and eat more vegetables to lower cholesterol after she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. However, she still gets the same or even worse result after having rigorous six month diet. Why does this happen? The answer is simple: We are born different.

Alongside conventional medicine, it is so important to know your body constitution that you can make it easier to manage and recover from the metabolic and hormonal disorder.


- Diabetes

- Thyroid-related disorders

- Gouts

- Cushing syndrome

- Addison's disease

- Obesity

- High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia)

- Fatty liver

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