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Acupuncture and Meridian 


     Acupuncture is essentially a method of healing through the system of meridians that run throughout the body. Meridian system is a series of channels that run into and onto the body. Like the nervous system and the endocrine system, the meridians is the third major pathway system through which our internal organs communicate, and give and take their vital energy each other. It is somewhat similar to radio waves because it does not have its physical or visible structure. The only difference is that it still has its own pathway route.







     The nervous system has its direct physical connecting network like the home phone wire whereas the endocrine system releases hormones into the blood and they travel far away to the other organs of our body. Simply, the nervous system works as if it is the home phone company, the endocrine system works as if it is the postal service, the meridian system works as if it is the wireless mobile company.









     You won’t find the meridian system described in your biology books because conventional medicine is just beginning to understand their existence and function. As scientists have discovered numerous phenomena and existence (e.g., ultrasound, dark matter, dark energy, stress hormones) in the last century, they are also working very hard to find and solve phenomena that are currently not understood well. The meridian system is one of them. Physicists and medical staffs in the renowned universities do research now on how acupuncture works through the meridian system.

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