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Herbal medicine 


        Herbal treatments are integral to TCM and have been since the earliest days of recorded history. An herbal formula is given to fit a pattern of disease that a particular patient may be presenting at the time of their visit. As the patient gets better and their symptoms change so does their formula until they are symptom free.

        Before a formula can be administered a comprehensive exam must be done to evaluate the type of formula to be given. In Chinese medicine, due to our diagnostic system, we are able to treat the root cause of a disease along with the various symptoms that may manifest as a result. In this way, we are able to treat the whole body and mind rather than just the outward symptoms.

        Western herbalists tend to recommend 1 or 2 herbs whereas some ancient Chinese medicine formulas may be as many as 30 or more depending on the complexity and duration of the condition to be treated. Herbal formulas are constructed in such a way to carefully mitigate any potential side effects that a single herb may present. The risk of side effects are very low, however if you do notice anything unusual, it is always best to check in with the herbalist before continuing with the formula. Please consult your herbalist right away.







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