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First visit: $100 (Consultation and Acupuncture treatment) 

Follow-up: $65

<Herbal Medicine>

8-constitution Immune-boosting herbal extract drink: $10/each, $120/14 drinks, $230/28 drinks

Individualized herbal extract-medicine drink: $350/20 days(40 drinks), $450/One month(60 drinks)

* Cancellation and no-show-up Policy

We generally request 4 hours notice for all rescheduled appointments and cancellations. If an urgent issue occurs just before the time, still don't hesitate to notify us. We do not ask for the late cancellation fee ($30) as long as you notify us. You can simply call or text to (704) 228-1311, or email us to 

Tax deductions

In general, acupuncture treatments are considered as medical expenses, so you could have a benefit of tax deduction.

* Health Insurance: A few health insurance companies provide acupuncture benefit, but most insurance plans in North Carolina do not cover Acupuncture treatment at this moment. Contact your insurance company to verify your benefit.

* Flex Plans and Healthcare saving accounts: Most flex plans and Healthcare saving accounts include the benefit of acupuncture, and some also cover the cost of herbal medicine. We provide superbill and you will get a reimbursement. Contact your agent to verify your benefit.

Insurance/Flex plans/ Healthcare saving accounts

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